Marty/Satan – SEUM (2016)

Cast as both Marty and the beer-thieving Satan as they race through hell in the punishingly difficult SEUM (PC)


3 thoughts on “Marty/Satan – SEUM (2016)

  1. Alex says:

    Hey, I just came across you through your “Skullgirls Is Done” and your “Skullgirls Isn’t Done” videos and I have to say, you’re a really down to earth kind of guy. On top of that, you’re a voice actor for quite a few games that I’m now willing to check out. I don’t know if this will ever reach you, but from a huge fan of Skullgirls and your voice work, I just wanted to say thanks for being you!

    1. Kai says:

      I appreciate that a lot. I always try to put my heart into everything I do, and I find myself very lucky to be in a position to keep doing so!

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